Because curiosity and courage are contagious.

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I created the Far From Alone series because I wanted to highlight the inspiring, badass stories of people everywhere who are living out curiosity in their everyday lives.

I interview people who dare to ask questions, rethink how they see things, and remake traditions — whether it’s exploring polyamory, getting body-positive, healing from homophobia, leaving high-demand religious groups, and more.

If you have your own story you’d like to tell, just shoot me an email at, or a DM on Instagram if that’s more your style. I would so love to hear from you!


Preaching compassion after leaving Westboro Baptist Church — America’s infamous hate group

  1. Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper


"There’s the tattoo, the word Brave inked into my arm, an incantation of what it takes to transform myself from a scared captive into a wild woman, joyful and free."

2. MJ Wallace, rethinking religion and embracing pride as a bisexual, polyamorous mother


"My dream is to use my experience and knowledge to help others overcome their depression and anxiety. I know how alone I felt and in a way, I felt stupid. Like I was crazy and delusional."

3. Tassja Cadoch, Religious Trauma Syndrome recovery badass, Mean Girls extra, and founder of #NoSuchNormal


“This… is a story about reclaiming my true nature, my ability to love, and my right to make important decisions about my own life.”

4. Fin Lockhart, a former Christian fundamentalist who’s found healing in worshipping Apollo


Interested in sharing a story of your own about forging your own path, breaking from your community’s traditions, or rethinking societal norms? I’d love to hear it, wherever you are in your journey.

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