Hey there!

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I’m Max Tang, and I’m a writer and speaker who inspires people to change their lives and minds by choosing to get curious.

My heart is in my work because I am proof of its power.

Why am I crazy about curiosity? Well, my life journey this far has taught me firsthand just how powerful open-mindedness and exploration can be.

Curiosity has given me the courage to venture beyond the Christian fundamentalist community that was all I knew, the imagination to embrace my biracial identity, and the self-understanding to recover from the anxiety disorder that left me mute. (If you’re interested in the full story, it’s here!)

Since I’ve transitioned into the world outside Evangelicalism, though, I’ve realized that echo chambers, stereotypes, and assumptions thrive here too.

Tell me if this resonates with you…

In our busy world, it’s so easy nowadays to get so caught up in what life SHOULD or MUST be like that we miss out on what life CAN be like. We all have blind spots and bubbles, and curiosity can help us step outside of them.

The election of Trump in America, echo chambers on Facebook, and the persistence of stereotypes all point to how easy it is to get stuck on our rules, assumptions, and labels about other people and ourselves.

  • We miss out on friendships and conversations with people whose perspectives can bust our blind spots.

  • We come at disagreements without really listening.

  • We close ourselves off from other ways to live, love, worship, and so on, rather than chasing the adventures that open-mindedness brings.

  • We keep getting suckered by other people’s definitions of who we are, rather than embracing and exploring who we can be.

I built Max Gets Curious because I believe that curiosity is one way we can heal from dogma, build bridges across disagreement, and create joyful lives all our own.

Max Gets Curious is a COMMUNITY for people who want to evolve their ideas, grow as people,
step outside their assumptions, and find the magic in their mundane.

It’s a CELEBRATION of all the different ways humans can make their lives.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope we can grow, explore, and learn together.