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Hey! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Max, and I’m a blogger, speaker, and wonder-filled human who’s crazy about curiosity.

I believe that curiosity is a tool we can all use in our daily lives to bridge ideological divides, grow beyond our self-limiting beliefs, and find a little magic in our everyday.

On this blog, I explore how former fundamentalists (like me!) can use the power of curiosity for healing and self-development. I’m also passionate about creating community and hope for queer folks who come from non-affirming homes.

Why? Well, I once lived in a bubble of my own — raised as a street-preaching Evangelical and defined by expectations as a biracial Chinese girl. I used to believe there was only one right way to live… until my own curiosity gave me the courage to explore the world beyond my faith, seek recovery from the anxiety that left me mute, and define my own life by coming out. Read the full story here…

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I’m passionate about the power of open-mindedness.

I speak about daring to explore your unknown, ask questions, and rethink your assumptions. My favorite topics are mental health recovery, self-love, empowerment, dialogue and echo chambers, and free exchange of ideas.

I love to share my stories of inspiration with others and hear theirs — whether it’s in workshops, panels, podcasts, article features, and more.

If you’d like to connect or collaborate, you can contact me here!